I Need to Reschedule My Event. What Should I Do?

If you need to reschedule an event you have two options: 

  1. Modify the existing invitation with a new date and time and send an Announcement to guests who have already been sent the invitation.
  2. Create a new invitation with the new information     

Option 1

Here are the steps to modify the existing invitations.

  • Navigate to the Design & Details page/screen to update the date, time, and any other changes.
  • After you have saved your new details, go to the Manage Invitation page/screen to use the Announcements feature to send a message to update your guests with the new details. Note: The message you send will include a link to the guests' invitation, which has now been updated with your new date and details. Any changes you make to an existing invite will be retroactively applied to invitations you've already sent out.

Option 2

If you prefer to create a new invitation, you have two options: 

  1. You can cancel the existing event and create a copy of that invitation. Find out how to copy an invite here
  2. You can cancel the existing event and create a completely new invitation. 
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