How do I give permissions to record video?

You can create Video Greeting Cards from a PC or Mac, however each web browser has different permissions settings. See below for instructions for your preferred browser. If you have any issues, we recommend that you first try to create your video on Punchbowl using the Google Chrome web browser. 

Google Chrome

  • Head to the design portion of your card and select Add a Video Message. A window should pop up that asks you to allow camera and microphone permissions to record your video. Click Allow on the window and you'll be ready to start recording your video!

  • If you previously selected Block and now want to undo this, you can click on the video camera icon in your URL bar and then change your options to Always allow and the select Done.


  • Select Add a Video Message in the design step of your card and then select Allow in the window that appears.

  • If you selected Don't Allow, you can select the camera icon in your URL bar and then select the X buttons next to the blocked permissions. Then, select the Add a Video Message button and Allow camera and microphone permissions.


Safari does not support video recording at this time, so you'll need to upload your video instead. See how to do this here.

If you have any additional questions about how to create and send your greeting card, feel free to contact us here or send an email directly to

iOS App

If you previously did not allow Punchbowl access to your Camera, you can allow access from the Settings menu on your phone.

  • Open "Settings" on your phone (note: this will not be inside the Punchbowl app) 
  • Scroll down to the Apps and tap "Punchbowl"
  • Tap the "Camera" toggle to give Punchbowl access to the Camera on your iPhone

Now open the Punchbowl app and you will be able to record your Video Greeting Card.

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