How Do I Send eCards?

To send a Digital Greeting Card on Punchbowl, you will first choose a design. We offer hundreds of gorgeous ecards for every occasion, including Birthday eCards for everyone in your life, Valentine’s Day eCards for your sweethearts, Mother’s Day eCards for all the amazing women you know, Father’s Day eCards for all the dads, and Christmas eCards for festive holiday wishes.

Our digital cards have the look and feel of paper and are the best alternative to traditional greeting cards. You can browse our entire collection of ecards here.

Once you’ve selected a design, customize your card. To change the text on the eCard, select the Edit Message bubble and highlight the text you’d like to change. Then, you can change the message itself, the font, font size, color, and spacing between the lines.

You also have the option to include a Video Message or a thoughtful gift card with your eCard. Click the "Add a Video Message" and grant the site permission to record your video, or upload one from your device. Click the “Add a Gift Card” link to see all the Gift Card options we have available. When you’re happy with the inside of your card, click the green Continue button.

On the next screen, select options to edit the Envelope Liner, Postage, and Rubber Stamp by selecting the bubble for each one and choosing the options from the drop-down menu. Once you’re all done, click Save and Continue. For more information on how to customize your card and how to customize on iOS and Android, follow this link here.

The final step is to Add Recipients. When you’re ready to add your recipients you can enter their names and email addresses, or phone numbers if you’d like to send a text eCard. To learn more about all the ways we offer to add recipients to your Digital Card, go here. Once you’re done, select the green Continue button.

You’re done! Now you can review your card and recipient list. You have the option to change the email subject, have a copy sent to you, or schedule your eCard delivery. Once you’ve selected your options, choose Send Now to deliver your card instantly or Send Later to send it at a specific time and date.

After Sending

After you’ve sent out your card, you can review which recipients have viewed the card by heading to your Dashboard and finding your card. Under Viewed by, you can select View All to view who has viewed the card. If you need to resend the card, you can select Resend and choose which recipients to resend to. Or, if you need to add recipients to the card after sending, select Add Recipients and enter the contact information. You can also edit the card after sending it by selecting the Edit button. You’ll have the option to create a copy of the card or edit the existing card.

If you have any other questions about creating and sending your card, please feel free to send an email directly to

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