What Are My Options for Building A Guest List?

When you are ready to build your guest list — through our website or on our iOS and Android apps — navigate to the "Add Guests" page, where you'll have several options:

Add Guests Individually   

If you would like to quickly add just a few emails or phone numbers, you can enter them one at a time. Just enter the email address or phone number (Please Note: We only let you send the invitation by email OR text to an individual guest to avoid duplicate RSVPs), and the name of your guest in the appropriate box and click "Add".


If you have used Punchbowl before, all of the email addresses and/or phone numbers that you previously added are stored in your Contacts. 

  • Browse the Punchbowl Contacts to select guests to add to your list.  
  • Browse Past Guests to see contacts from specific invitations you've sent previously. 

Add a List (Web Only)

Use this option to copy and paste a list of multiple email addresses or phone numbers at once. The email addresses or phone numbers should be separated by commas, semicolons, or returns (ENTER). NOTE: If you add phone numbers in this way, the name for each contact will just be a copy of the phone number. You can edit the names of those guests once they have been added to your list.

Import Contacts (Web Only)

Use the "Import Contacts" option to add contacts from your email account, a spreadsheet file, or a group email address. You can only import phone numbers from a spreadsheet file. NOTE: You cannot import phone numbers from your email account at this time.

  • Upload A File: If you have a CSV spreadsheet file of your contacts, you can upload this list to Punchbowl. Click the "Import contacts" link and choose "Upload a file". For additional help uploading your file, check out this article
  • Import from Webmail: Choose this option to import contacts from popular webmail providers. You can import from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. You can even import contacts from an Evite account. 
  • Add a Group Email: If you are sending to a group email (e.g., @googlegroups.com, or all-staff@myschool.org), select "Add a group". More information is available here.

Phone Import (App Only)

If you would like to build your guest list from our iOS or Android apps, it's very easy to import contacts directly from your phone. When you land on the "Add Guests" screen, you will be prompted to give Punchbowl permission to access your phone contacts. Select "Yes" and follow the prompts on your phone.

Social Media

You can also invite guests through Facebook or WhatsApp by sharing a direct link to the invite. 
  • On our website, look for the Facebook and WhatsApp icons on the Add Guests page, then click "Learn how" to access the invitation link.   
  • In our iOS or Android apps, navigate to the Add Guests page, then click the navigation in the upper right corner. Click on "Share Invitation" to access the invitation link

QR Code (Web Only)

You can share a QR code for guests to scan, which will take them directly to the invitation.

  • Look for the Facebook and Whatsapp icons on the Add Guests page, then click on "Learn how" to access the Share your Invitation screen
  • Here you'll see options to Copy your QR code or Print a Flyer with the invitation, event details, and the QR code.
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