I've Already Sent My Invite. How Do I Add More Guests?


  • To add more guests to your invitation, click the Manage Invitation button for the event on your Dashboard and find the Add More Guests button.
  • On the Add More Guests page, enter the information for your additional guests and click the blue Add button. Then, click the green Continue to Send button to advance to the next screen (For more information about the different ways to add guests, click here).

  • On the Send page, review your settings and click Send Now to send the invitation out to the guests you've just added.

iOS & Android Apps

  • To add more guests to your invitation when using the mobile app, first, tap on the Dashboard tab and choose your invitation. Next, select Manage Guests and then tap on the Add More Guests option.
  • On the Add Guests page, tap the "+" button. On the next page select how you'd like to add the guest, enter in the guest's name, and then tap on the Add to guest list button at the bottom of the page.

  • Next, click on Continue to send to send the invitation to your new guest(s).
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