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Can I share a link to my event or post onto a website or blog?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018 09:48AM EDT
Yes!  On your Manage Invitation page click the "Share Invitation" button.  This will present you with a few options to share your invitation: 

1.  Invite Facebook Friends:  This option lets you sent your invitation directly to your Facebook friends either through a direct message or wall post.  

2.  Share on Twitter:  This option will allow you to publicly post the invitation on Twitter.

3.  Share a link:  This link is a direct link to your invitation.  Anyone who follows this link can add their name and email to be placed on your guest list.  You can copy and paste this link wherever you like including on a blog or text message.

You can also access these options before you send your invitation out by clicking on the "Learn how" link on the Add Guests page.

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