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What are the options for building my Digital Card recipient list?

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2018 11:12AM EDT
After you create and save your Digital Card you'll come to the Recipients page and we'll provide several options for building your recipient list.  

Add a list
Typing or pasting in emails? Choose "Add a list" and then use the "Enter or paste a list of emails" section. You can quickly add multiple emails at once by pasting the addresses into the field provided.  You can enter a list of emails separated by commas, semicolons, or returns. You cannot add phone numbers for digital cards at this time.

Import Contacts
Choose this option to import contacts from several popular webmail providers or from a spreadsheet.   Just click Import and then choose from a list of providers.  Here you can import from webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!AOL and Hotmail.  You can also import contacts from an Evite account or .csv file. You cannot import phone numbers for digital cards.

Have you used Punchbowl before? Any contacts that you've previously sent an Invitation or Digital Card are automatically stored in your Punchbowl Contacts.  With this option, you can also choose from previous event guest lists or a past card recipient lists. Contacts that only have a phone number will not be displayed.

Past guests lists/Past cards
If you want to send a card to people who attended an event you hosted or to someone whom you have sent a card to before, select the Past guest lists or Past cards option. This will display a list of all your contacts for each invitation/card you've sent in the past organized by the name of the event. If an event only had guests with phone numbers, it will not appear when adding recipients to your digital card. Likewise, guests on a past event with phone numbers will not appear or will not be selectable.

Of course, if you are only sending your Digital Card to one or two recipients, you can simply enter their email using the Add Individual option.

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