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Can I add a host to my event?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018 01:04PM EDT
Punchbowl has a great co-hosting feature that is available with our Premium level membership.  When you add a co-host, your invitation will appear in their account.  A co-host can invite their own guests, make changes to the design and details, and send messages.  The only difference is the co-host cannot delete the invitations.  

To add a co-host head to your Invitation Options page and find the
Add a host option under the Membership Features tab. 

A co-host can also be added from the Manage Invitation page after you've sent the invite.  This would be done via the Actions menu.

When using the Punchbowl app, you'll be able to add a co-host via the Invitation Options link on the Manage Invitation page.

Once you add someone as a co-host, they will receive an email which will prompt them to create their own account so they can begin managing the invite.

More information on Punchbowl memberships can be found here:

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