How Do I Show or Hide the Guest List?

Your guest list is hidden by default. This means that your guests will not know who else is invited to the event unless you turn on the guest list which you can easily do from our website or in our iOS or Android apps. 

If you would like to let your guest see who else has been invited to the event, you have several options. You can show YES responses, NO responses, Not Responded, and Who's Invited. 

Note: We never display your guests' email addresses or phone numbers, only their names will be displayed. 


  • From our website, navigate to the Invitation Options page (you can access this page from either the Add Guests or Review and Send page. 
  • On the Invitation Options page, toggle the Show Guest List setting to ON. 
  • Choose which responses to show. 

iOS & Android Apps

  • On the Review & Send screen, tap Invitation Options.
  • On the Invitation Options screen, tap the Show Guest List option and turn it ON.  
  • Choose which responses to show.
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