How Does the Poll Feature Work?


  • To include a poll with your invitation, go to the Invitation Options page and click on the Member Features tab. Once you're in the Premium Features section, turn ON the Add a Poll feature. You can then type in the questions and answers for your guests.
  • To allow guests to see the results of the poll, toggle on the “Show poll results after a guest responds” option. Guests will now see the results after they vote.

  • Please note: If you want to change a guest poll response, you can do this through our website on the Manage Invitation page. Under the Manage Guest tab, click on the gear icon for the guest you are trying to edit. On the drop-down menu, click Edit Guest Details and then look for the Polling section to find their responses to each question.

iOS & Android Apps

  • To include a poll with your invitation when using the mobile app, head to the Options page and tap on the Add a Poll option underneath the Member Features section. From there, tap on the Add a Question button and you'll be able to type in the question(s) and answer(s) for your poll question(s).

Here is what your guests will see once they receive their invitation:

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