I am inviting families and/or couples. How can I ensure an accurate guest count?

Punchbowl offers a way to manage families and couples in your guest list– the Connect Guests feature. Connect your guests if you are:

  • Inviting a family to your event including children
  • Inviting a couple
  • Inviting a family or couple and you don't have the email addresses or phone numbers for all members

Now you can connect and build families and couples right on your guest list! Guests will see who else in their family is invited, and can even RSVP for them. This keeps your guest count accurate.

To get started, just click the Connect icon next to the guest you want to connect.


Need more info? Follow along with this example: 

  • You're inviting the Smith family to your event so you add Jim and Jane (the parents) to your guest list. To create the Smith family, click the Connect icon for Jane: 

  • Type the family name, then click in the Add Member section to add Jim to the family:

  • Once you start typing Jim's name, the auto-fill will find him. Select him to add him to the family.
  • To add Jim and Jane's kids, go back to the Add Member section and enter their names, leaving the email field empty. In this example, their kids are Timmy and Tommy.

  • Once you've added both children, click Save to finish the family. Now "The Smith" family is created in your guest to invite list!
  • When Jim or Jane receive the invitation, they can respond for themselves, or for the whole family!

  • Everything will be tracked on the Manage Invitation page.

iOS App

You can also use the Connect feature when using the iOS version of the Punchbowl mobile app. To get started, add the guests you want to your guest list in the app. Follow along with this example:

  • To create a family, select the main contact from your Guests to Invite list, then click the edit button:

  • Once you're viewing the Edit Guest screen, click the Connect Guests button.

  • Type the family name, then click the Add a member button.

  • Once on the Add Member screen, you can add a new member manually or select from an existing invite.

  • Once you've added all members of the family click the green Save button.
  • Now the family is created in your guests to invite list!
  • When one guest receives the invitation, they can respond for themselves, or for the whole family!
  • Everything is tracked on the Manage Guests page.
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