Home Depot Gift Card redemption information

Here are the full terms for The Home Depot gift cards purchased through our platform:

Gift Card has no fees and will never expire. Treat this card like cash. Valid toward purchase of merchandise/services at any The Home Depot® store in the U.S., Canada and online at HomeDepot.com. Gift Card carries no implied warranties and is not a credit/debit card. Not redeemable for cash (unless required by law) and cannot be applied to an credit or loan balance, Tool Rental deposits, or for in-home/phone purchases.  Gift Cards will not be cancelled and replaced without proof of purchase. Except as required by law, Gift Cards purchased with cash will not be replaced and any Gift Card may be deactivated or rejected in connection with fraudulent actions. Check your balance at any The Home Depot store or online. Reload card value at any The Home Depot store. © Home Depot Product Authority, LLC All Rights reserved. Value in U.S. dollars.

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