Can I send my Digital Card to a past guest list?

After you create and save your Digital Card, you'll come to the Recipients page where you have several options to build your recipient list. If you want to send a card to people who attended an event that you previously hosted or to someone to whom you have sent a card before, select the  Past guest lists or Past cards option. This will display past events or cards from which you can choose.

Once you select either Past guest lists or Past cards, you will see all of the past cards and guest lists that you have sent. Choose the card or event to see a list of contacts. 

To select contacts to add, select the grey checkmark next to their name so that it turns green. All contacts that have a green checkmark next to their name will be added once you click the green Add to List button.

You can also click here to see additional ways to build your Digital Card Recipient list.

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