How do I invite guests that I've sent an invitation to before?


If you want to send an invitation to someone you've sent to in the past, you can use the  Past guest lists option to see a full list of older  contacts .

  • On the Add Guests page, the Past guest lists button will be located next to the Contacts and Import contacts button.

  • Once you click this link, you'll be shown all the previous invitations you've sent out. Click on an invitation to see the email addresses or phone numbers for that event.

  • You can then add individual contacts by clicking the check mark next to their name or use the Select all button to add all of the contacts at once. Once you're done, click Add to list to finish up.

iOS & Android Apps

You can also access your past guest lists when creating invitations with the Punchbowl mobile app.

  • First, on the Add Guests page, find and tap on the drop-down menu underneath the Previous Guests section (the title of the drop-down menu will be the Event Title of your most recent invitation).

  • Once you click on this, a menu will appear with your past invitations. You can select the title of the previous invitation you're looking to use to see its past guest list.
  • From there, you can then add individual contacts by tapping on their email address or phone number. Once you're done, click the green Continue button to proceed with the rest of your invitation.
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