Are My Invitations Sent From My Email Address or Phone Number?

For technical reasons, the "From Email address" is and the phone number used to send text messages is our own. These fields are something that we cannot change. This helps ensure that your guests receive your invitation without the email going into their spam/junk folder and without text messages getting rejected by the carriers. If a guest who receives an emailed invitation replies via email instead of through the site, we set the Reply-to email as your account email. Guests cannot reply to text messages currently. They will only get our help message.

When your guests receive their invitation email, the From name will be the "Host" name. Most email clients display this name so your guests will be able to recognize who is sending them an email.

When your guests receive their invitation text message, it will start with the "Host" name so that your guests will be able to recognize who is sending them the invitation.

Example: "Anna and James invited you to Cassie's Grad Party! on 6/30. Tap the link to RSVP."

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