Is There A Limit to How Many People I Can Send A Digital Card To?

With an Extra-level account, you can send digital cards to up to 10 recipients per calendar month. If you need more recipients, here are your options:

  • Sending to 11-50 recipients per month will require an Advanced membership.
  • Sending to 51-500 recipients per month will require a Preferred membership
  • Sending to more than 500 recipients? You will require a Business membership. With a Business membership, you are allowed to send digital cards to up to 5,000 recipients per month.

See all of our digital card membership benefits, and limits, and compare digital card membership levels here. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Note: The limits for digital cards pertain to the number of email addresses and/or phone numbers you send a card to, not the number of different card designs you can send. For example, with an Extra membership, you can send two different cards to 5 people each or you could send one card to 10 people. You could not design four different cards and send them each to 10 people.

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