Can I send or share my Digital Card on WhatsApp or Facebook?


Yes! You can share your card on Facebook or WhatsApp, or use the public URL to share with anyone else.

  • On the Send page, you will see options to share the card through Facebook Share and WhatsApp under "Delivery Options". Click the "Learn how" link. 
  • When you click the "Learn how" link, you will get to a page that lets you share your card on Facebook, WhatsApp, or grab a link to your card to share directly via email or text. When using Facebook "Share", your digital card is sent as a message directly to your Facebook friend.


  • When using the Punchbowl iOS mobile app, the options to share your card on Facebook or Whatsapp, or use the public URL to share with anyone else, are available on the Add Recipients screen.
  • Once on the Add Recipients screen, tap on the red "+" button on the bottom righthand corner of the screen and select Share a link from the available options.

  • From there, you will be able to either copy the public URL for your card or select the application (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) that you'd like to share your digital card to.
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