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Can I send a Digital Card through text message?

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 01:31PM EST
Yes, to share your digital card through text message, you'll want to copy the direct link to the card and paste it into your text message.  To generate a direct link to a digital card, locate the card on your dashboard.   If you haven't sent your card yet, click the green "Send" button.

If you have already sent the card out, you'll want to click the "Add Recipients" button and navigate to the Send page.

On the Send page, you will see options to share the card through Facebook Share, Twitter, and a Link button that creates a direct URL link to the card.  Click the "Link" button and you will see a popup with the URL that links to your card which you can copy and paste into a text message.

After sending the digital card by email, you will see the same sharing options as well.

For information on how to send an Invitation via text, click here.

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