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Some of my guests didn't receive their invitation. What can I do?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018 01:18PM EDT
Have some of your guests have told you they did not receive their invitation?  

First, make sure the guest has been successfully added to your guest list.  On the Manage Invitation page, you can review your guest list, all invitations that have been successfully sent will appear here.  

If the guest is on your guest list, here are a few suggestions:
  1. If your guest received an email invitation, ask the guest to check their spam or junk folder as their invitation may have been caught by their spam filter.  Despite our best efforts, this may happen occasionally and would be the first place to check.
  2. Try resending the invitation. On the Manage Invitation page, you'll have the option to resend to a specific guest or you can resend to all guests who have not viewed their invitation.   Check out this page for more information.
  3. If the email or text message still hasn't been received by the guest, we offer the ability to send the invitation directly to the guest using a direct link.  On your Manage Invitation page, find the Share Invitation option and copy the "Share a link" into an email or text message directly to the guest.  More on that here.

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