How do I send an Announcement to my guests?

You can send a message to groups of guests through our Announcements feature. You will be able to choose if you want to send your announcement to all of your guests or you can choose to only send the announcement to Yes RSVPsNo RSVPs, or Undecided guests. If a guest RSVPs after an announcement for a specific RSVP group is sent out, they will still be able to see the announcement on their invitation page once they RSVP.


  • To send an announcement to your guests, start at your Invitations Dashboard and select the Manage Invitation for your event.

  • Next, select the Announcements tab on your invitation page where you'll be see any previous announcements sent out.

  • Here you can select New Announcement to start a new announcement.

  • Select which recipients you want to send your Announcement to and start typing your announcement in the box to the right. When you are done, select the Create Announcement button and your announcement will be sent out and you'll be returned to the Announcements tab where your new announcement will appear.


  • To send an Announcement from the mobile app, select your event from your Invitations Dashboard and then choose Announcements.

  • On this page you'll see any Announcements you've sent out. Tap New Announcement to start creating a new announcement for your guests.

  • Then, select the group you'd like the announcement to go to and choose Continue.

  • Here you can type out your announcement and select Send. Once you've sent out your announcement you'll be sent back to the Announcements page and you'll see your new announcement listed.

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