Coronavirus Guide: How to Stay Connected & Celebrate While Social Distancing

We know these are uncertain times. Our team is here to help you stay connected to your loved ones and find creative ways to celebrate with family and friends. It's been a trying year for all of us -- and the need to stay connected is more important than ever. Below is our guide with tips and suggestions about how to navigate these challenging times. Thank you for supporting our small company.

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It's hard to keep family and friends apart when there are so many reasons to celebrate throughout the year. So we'll still gather, but distanced. To help, we've created new online invitation designs for a variety of in-person, outdoor activities as well as virtual gatherings to help you celebrate. 

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Another way to spread cheer throughout the year is with thoughtful digital greeting cards! Personalize cards for every occasion and send instantly by text or email. You can even add a heartfelt video message and a family photo to create a one-of-a-kind greeting. 

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We’re here to help you keep in touch with loved ones and let them know you’re thinking of them while you practice social distancing. Our Digital Greeting Cards make it easy to personalize a thoughtful message to wish someone Happy Birthday, celebrate a Holiday, say Thinking of You, Stay Safe, Get Well, or Thank You, or express heartfelt Teacher Appreciation. All our designs have the look and feel of a traditional paper card and can be delivered by text or email. It’s convenient, safe, and shows you made a little extra effort to tell someone you care.

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We share a Reason to Celebrate for every day of the year at From National Sibling Day to National Caramel Day and Lima Bean Respect Day, you’ll find interesting, quirky, and important occasions. These daily Reasons to Celebrate can help inspire kid activities for the day and interesting new dishes to make at home.

To receive a daily email with the Reason to Celebrate, create an account on Punchbowl and then Subscribe.

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Is there a Birthday in your house this month? Is your best friend expecting a baby? Is your niece a senior in college? Below are our suggestions for ways you can celebrate an important occasion while you practice social distancing. If you already sent invitations for an event that is now in question, we have several tips for how to navigate that too.

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1. Plan a Virtual Gathering

We created an entire category of invitation designs that can be used to set a date and time to connect with family, friends and colleagues and find comfort in a shared activity that you can do together, such as a “distance dinner,” paint night or book club meeting. Browse these designs here.

Virtual Party Invitations

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To set up a video call for virtual gatherings, there are a number of reliable platforms from which to choose. Here are a few of our favorites: FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom. You can add a video call link to your Invitation in the "Design & Details" section that appears alongside the invite. Go to the Design step and locate the Location field, then select "Virtual" as the location. Enter the link you'd like to include in the "Video Chat URL" box below and make sure it begins with "https://" or "www." Now, when you send the invitations, the link will be there for all to see.

2. Plan an Event from a Safe Social Distance

Our team has also designed invitations for events you can hold while you practice social distancing. Browse our Birthday Parade Invitations and Scavenger Hunt Invitations to get inspired. Throw a parade with cars and signs outside a loved one’s house to celebrate their special day, or organize a scavenger hunt for your neighborhood. These kinds of events allow you to celebrate important moments with others and keep in touch with your community while you stay safe.

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3. Send a Save the Date

If you have a special occasion coming up in the summer or fall and think there's a good chance you will be able to host a group gathering as planned, you can send out a Save the Date. There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but it can never hurt to get a date on the calendar and then assess closer to the time. It has the added benefit of giving your friends and family something to look forward to. On Punchbowl, you can change any Invitation design to a Save the Date. Guests will receive your Save the Date with all the details, but they won’t be asked to RSVP at this time. Choose any template, go to the Design Editor and you will see an Event Type drop-down menu at the top of the page. Click here to change to a Save the Date.

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1. Cancel or Postpone Your Event

We make it easy to let guests know about schedule changes. If you need to cancel your event, we have a helpful page here. We also offer the option to reschedule or postpone your event. This is an excellent option if you’d like to announce a new date to give guests something to look forward to. Learn how to reschedule an Event.

2. Send a Change of Date Card

Additionally, we have an entire category of Digital Cards dedicated to let guests know about a postponed event, which you can easily send to the guest list of the event. You can see these cards here and learn more about how to send to a past guest list here.

Change of Date Cards

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We’re here to help. If you have any questions you can send a help request to us here or send an email directly to

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