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Can I add a host to my event?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2016 02:35PM EST
Punchbowl has a great co-hosting feature that is available with our Premium level membership.  When you add a co-host, your invitation will appear in their account.  A co-host can invite their own guests, make changes to the design and details and send messages.  The only difference is the co-host cannot delete the invitations.  

To add a co-host head to your  Invitation Options page and find the "
Add a host" option under the Membership Features tab. A co-host can also be added from the Manage Invitation page, in the "Actions" menu.

In the Punchbowl app, use the Options link in the upper-righthand corner of your invitation page to access the Invitation Options menu and activate the co-host feature.

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