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How do I add my own photo to a design?

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 02:53PM EDT
First, you would want to select a design that allows a photo.  We offer a wide selection of design templates that allow you to upload a photo (or multiple photos!) which you can see here.  

1.  After you select a photo design you can begin to create your own invitation.  When editing your design, click the "Add photo" bubble on the design body.  This will create a second "Add photo" at the top of the page that you can click to browse your computer or device for the image you'd like to add.

2.  Once you upload the photo, it will appear in your Photo Library where you can drag it onto your design.  You can adjust the image by dragging around the photo area or using the + and - icons to zoom and out.

After getting the photo right, simply click DONE and proceed with entering the rest of the event details.


1.  If you're using the Punchbowl app, first select your design and fill in the event details/information.  Once you enter the event details, you'll see the body of the invitation with a gray square where your picture will be.  Tap that square and then tap the blue "Add Photo" button.  You'll be prompted to select a photo from your phone or tablet.

2.  After you've uploaded the image, you'll want to drag it onto the invitation.

3.  You can then use the +/- symbols to zoom in or out or tap and drag the image to reposition it. 

 If you run in to any issues along the way, let us know and we'd be happy to help.

Note: Not all designs have the ability to include a photo.  If you don't see the Add photo option on your design, the invitation you've selected does not support adding a photo.

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